Welcome to a world where art and technology converge in perfect harmony

Course 1: “Starting with Knowledge”
* We will individually discuss the settings of your camera.
* We will talk about the importance of aperture, exposure, and sensitivity.
* I will share the composition rules I use, and we will also discuss angles.

After this course, you will understand:
* How to create frames that people want to view and that evoke emotions.
* How to set up your camera, specifically aperture, exposure, ISO, white balance, and confidently take photographs.
Homework: Practice

Course 2: “Pre-production for Shooting”
Review of homework and practice shots
* Where to find inspiration for your photography?
* Developing an idea.
* Bringing inspiration to fruition.
* Where to find a team?
* How to create a commercial proposal to attract brands.
* Series selection.
Homework: Practice

Course 3: “Light”
Review of homework
* Constant, strobe, and natural light.
* Tips for working with strobe lighting.
* Attachments and their purposes.
* How to create any lighting scheme.
* I will explain which single light source you will need to work in any conditions.
After this block, you will understand:
* How continuous and strobe lighting work.
* You will learn to create any lighting scheme.
* You will look at a photographer’s photos and understand how they set up such a lighting scheme.
Homework: Practice (We will go to the studio and test all the lighting so that you can see how to work with it visually)

Course 4: “Editing”
Review of homework and practice
* Lightroom.
* Photoshop retouch + retouch4me.
* Presets.
* Color from scratch.
After this block, you will understand:
* How to perform any editing.
* How to retouch without retouching.
* How to do more detailed retouching for brands and magazines.
Homework 1
Homework 2

Course 5: “Who to Work With? How to Promote? How to Earn?”
Review of homework and practice
* Brands, weddings, individual shoots?
* What approach is needed for each type?
* Portfolio.
* Positioning.
* Social networks.
* Earning from stock photos.

Course 6: “Diploma Work”
After the course, you will have an SMM manager to guide you, and you will always have ongoing support for any questions that arise

For more information, please contact the course registrar:

Ms. Ruslana Laaraj, Mobile: +971544515039