The Beginning of being Experts

The strive to excel and become more successful in one’s chosen field leads individuals and organisations to undertake training, seminars, workshops, lectures and certifications, all of which play a major part in career advancement and continued success. Many executives and organisations invest in these various programs to arm themselves with new knowledge and skills for the sole purpose of professional progress and, importantly, staying competitive within their areas of expertise.
There is no limit to learning and, consequently, to improving performance. Everyone deserves the chance to become the very best. The people behind Experts strongly believe in these concepts and the company offers this opportunity to a modern society that promotes personal and institutional growth and development.

Experts Centre for Training & Consultancy is a young and dynamic company formed in 2008, in association with Mohammed Bin Rashid Est – Designed and created for aspiring Business Leaders to meet the needs and challenges of constant improvement within the region.

The World is constantly evolving and evolving very fast; new information, knowledge, and skills
emerge on a moment by moment basis.The only way to cope with these rapid changes is to embrace
expert training as an on-going instrument for continual professional development.
In this way, Experts will equip you with the right tools to take charge of your future – before the future
takes charge of you!

Mohammed Noaman, B.Eng, Master in TESOL

Word of Director

On behalf of the Experts team, I would like to welcome you all to Experts Centre The builder could no longer rely on eye alone; Science and knowledge have come to be the basis for any civilization. We at Experts Centre for Management and Training participate in this sacred mission in terms of improving people, Students, and job seekers to acquire the highest professional certificates globally adopted. Thereby, aiding you in your career and ensuring that you get the best jobs available worldwide.

With the immense challenges in today’s labor market, Experts Centre’s comprehensive training programs were designed to provide you with practical knowledge through lectures, workshops, and constructive discussions. We also continually seek to develop and upgrade our programs making certain that we answer all your educational requirements and guaranteeing that we are up to date with the current teaching trends.

Experts Centre aspires to lead the professional continuing education in the UAE and the Middle East in terms of quality education and by adopting the best means of training available worldwide.

Thank you and we look forward to your continued support and trust.

Why Experts?

Value for money – we offer quality training programs at reasonable prices.
Classes are conducted by highly qualified instructors with extensive industry experience.
The entire staff are dedicated to student success and are educators of excellence.
Excellent support services are provided to students from day one until finishing the course and sitting for the exams.
Classes are held in a classroom set-up and average in size to devote more attention to each student.
Flexible class schedules; weekday classes are from 7-10PM and weekends are every Friday and Saturday.
Flexible payment options available: one-time payment, installment plan and bank financing (Islamic & Non-Islamic).

Well you can ask an Expert

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