English Languages Courses

The English Language program was designed for both high school students and professionals who want to improve their English skills and become more confident in using the English language in their day to day activities. Under the English program are General English, IELTS Preparation, Business English, and Custom-made English training. The General English is a four-level course designed as per IELTS standards. The course is customized to candidates who have low-level English skills. The course starts with ideas, concepts and words that are easy to understand and the level of difficulty increases as their level increases and by the time they finish the course they have enough confidence to sit in and pass the exam. The IELTS preparation course is for individuals who have high English skills but want to avail of our services to reinforce their ready-knowledge and to learn effective techniques in answering the exam. Experts’ unique approach in delivering its courses earned it a 77% passing rate for all its students who took the IELTS exam.

Requirements before Registration

English Placement Exam

Before starting in any English program with Experts Centre, all students are required to take an English Placement Exam. The placement exam will determine the candidate’s appropriate level in English as well as assess his/her strong and weak point(s). When the candidate undergoes the program, particular emphasis will be given on his/her weak points in order to improve him/her in all four skills

General English

Experts General English Program consists of four (4) levels. Each level lasts for 32 hours and runs over two months. These levels will help improve general knowledge in English by enhancing the four basic skills which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. As undergoing the training program will make you more competent in the mentioned skills, this will surely increase your confidence to sit for international English proficiency tests such as IELTS and, TOEFL. Moreover, Experts employs highly qualified and experienced instructors as well as offers unique learning activities to make your time more interesting and fun filled


IELTS is the International English Language Testing System

IELTS conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment. It tests the four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS is a secure, valid and reliable test of real-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.

IELTS Preparation

In preparing for your IELTS examination, you have two options on how to do it. One is to do a self-study if you are confident that having the skills is enough to pass the test, or to avail of the services of a training/language center to reinforce your skills more and to back these up with techniques that will allow you to answer the exam with greater speed and accuracy thus ensuring you a greater chance of success.

Why prepare your IELTS with us?

– Our IELTS coaches are proficient in the English Language and have actual experience in taking IELTS examination making them very effective as coaches to our students.

– Our IELTS preparation course is composed of different practice tests and activities that will help you further develop your four language skills.


  • Listening: you will be familiarized with all IELTS listening task types and techniques.
  • Reading: our unique techniques will help you finish the test in time with the best accuracy.
  • Writing: our teachers will give you detailed careful correction and advice on your class work and homework assignments.
  • Speaking: our course includes excellent tips which help you speak naturally, thus get a high band score in the IELTS test.


– Our center is dedicated to the success of our students; we encourage them to continue practicing even outside the class. To keep our students motivated in their endeavor, we facilitate online submission of their outputs and timely giving of the results.

– Because of the structure of our IELTS program, our center earned a very high passing percentage rate and our student passers have recommended our center to their circle of friends

Business English

“Talking Business: Get your message across”
The primary goal of the Business English program is to provide instruction and practice in oral and written English using business-related topics as its content base. Through developing the participant’s communication skills, they can function more effectively at work giving them a higher chance to succeed in the today’s business world.


At the end of this course, candidates will be able to:


both written and spoken Business and Financial concepts and use them comprehensively in various linguistic situations.


language and grammatical structures in contextualized situations.

3.Provide well-structured responses and advice to clients 

regarding accounting systems and simple financial tasks as covered in the training


the general meaning of non-routine letters and some articles within Business and financial area.

5.Make reasonably accurate notes 

at a meeting or seminar where this subject matter is familiar and predictable.

6.Deal with 

all routine requests for goods or services, involving Banking issues and Finance.

Business English Levels

Level 1: 30 hours

Candidates on this level have solid background in general English but have basic business vocabulary and can only communicate on a simple level.

Level 2: 30 hours

Level 2 is intended for candidates who have achieved sound understanding of English in a business context and are able to communicate effectively in a familiar business situation with minimal assistance or supervision.

Level 3: 30 hours

Candidates on this level have sufficient knowledge of business vocabulary and can communicate effectively in most business situations; discussing and expressing opinions on a wide range of topics. Candidates would also want to continue broadening their vocabulary to become more fluent and accurate.

Level 4: 30 hours

Level 4 is designed for candidates who have wide business vocabulary, have reached a high level of fluency and accuracy in spoken and written English and can perform effectively in a wide range of professional situations. At this stage, candidates may wish to extend their vocabulary and explore the nuances of idiomatic English to become more proficient.

Custom-Made English

Experts Centre provides custom-made English training for individuals and organizations. The program is designed to give focus on a specific language skill that the candidate(s) would like to improve. The program has no specific duration as it will be on the instructor’s discretion on how long the course would take—this would depend on the student’s placement exam rating and the level of proficiency he/she wants to achieve. At the end of the program, the participant is expected to have greatly improved on his/her preferred language skill as the aim of the program is to equip each participant the necessary skills that will make him/her more competent in using English in his/her everyday life.